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Javier Sinay - by Paula Salischiker - in the cemetery of Moises Ville - in 2013 -6.jpg

In Moisés Ville, 2013.


I am a writer and journalist. I have published the books Camino al Este (2019) [English excerpt], Cuba Stone (co-authored, 2016), The Murders of Moisés Ville (Restless Books, 2022 -originally in Spanish, 2013) and Sangre joven (2009, Rodolfo Walsh Prize of the Black Week of Gijón, Spain). 


I am also the co-author of ¡Extra!, an anthology of 150 years of Argentinian police chronicles, and in La caja de letras I rescued in 2021 a book on the history of Jewish-Argentine journalism originally published in Yiddish, almost 100 years earlier [more in this podcast!].

In 2015 I won the Gabriel García Márquez Award from the Gabo Foundation (former FNPI) for the story “Rápido. Furioso. Muerto” [English version], published in Rolling Stone (Argentina), a magazine of which I was editor.


My stories have appeared in the Buenos Aires newspapers La Nación and Clarín; and at (where I publish Sie7e Párrafos, a newsletter on books and pop culture). I am a member of the advisory board of Relatto, the first Latin American web platform for true stories on demand. I was also a correspondent for South America for El Universal (Mexico) and collaborated with narrative journalism magazines like Gatopardo (Mexico), Etiqueta Negra (Peru), Letras Libres (Mexico), Reportagen (Switzerland) and Asymptote (Taiwan). 


I have taught non-fiction creative writing in Spain and in several Latin American countries.

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